This is an Islamic Quran course designed primarily for non arabic Quran learners specially for children. Our goal is to prepare and teach the words of the glorious Quran to the next generation who can contribute towards Islam and the betterment of the society.

Registration Process  

To register your child to learn Quran with us simply select the “TAKE THIS COURSE” to the right and go through the simple paid subscription process.

Once completed an EdVate representative will get in contact with you to setup the most convenient time schedule for your child to learn Quran.

We offer 1 WEEK FREE TRIAL without any obligation to evaluate our online tutring service. Please contact us for a free trial.

We look forward to having your child enrolled to learn Quran with Edvate.

Course Description

The Quran (Arabic: القرآن‎‎ al-Qurʾān), literally meaning “the recitation”; and it is the central most important religious text of Islam, which Muslims are thankful to learn and memorize.

Having personal commitments and family obligations many Muslims find significantly difficult to take their children to the mosques or other Islamic centres to regularly learn the Quran. It is now easily possible for everyone to learn, read and understand Quran online just by sitting at home at their convenience.

Our key objective is to facilitate every Muslim student to gain Islamic and Quranic knowledge from skilled tutors online at lowest possible cost. Our course entails all the areas of the Quran learning such as listening, reading, reciting, memorization and understanding of the meanings of Quran. Our instructors are highly qualified that works with the student’s one on one to improve the following areas:

  • Recognize the Arabic letters in the Quran
  • Improve fluency & pronunciation
  • Reading & writing practice
  • Clear understanding the meaning
  • Quiz/test to confirm proper learning

By the end of the course, students should be able to read basic Quran fluently with proper pronunciation InSha’Allah.

Course Method

  • Live one on one teaching: one or two 30 minutes class per week
  • Reading and writing exercises
  • Verbal discussions: conversation, dialogue, story, meaning
  • Exercise: Reading & Writing
  • Assessments: review and quizzes to confirm learning