This course is designed to teach the basic concepts of product design using SolidWorks. A learn-by-doing learning methodology will be employed to truly master all the skills required to make a novice student/individual into a SolidWorks literate with regards to product design.

Course Description

Product designing is a daunting task if you lack proper knowledge and understanding about the important aspects of designing. This course focuses on developing the skills and knowledge required to work as a SolidWorks designer. SolidWorks designers have the ability to create a variety of design solutions such as sheet metal parts, weldments, moulds, conveyors and piping systems. Through the course students will learn from experienced product design professionals to get the insights of proper standard of product designing in SolidWorks and to enable student to design with flexibility and perfection.

Our Solidworks for product design course is designed for even students with little or zero experiences in SolidWorks. In every step of this course we will guide students in the right way of product designing through SolidWorks to make them a professional designer in the mainstream mechanical computer-aided design (CAD) market and in several other industries such as automotive, plastics, industrial design, machinery and product design. Students will also explore material properties of modeled components, the generation of virtual environments, lighting techniques, and camera positioning in order to create photo-realistic renderings of models and assemblies. Students will gain a foundation in working with the graphics editing software Adobe Photoshop for the generation of images, showing the integration of their rendered products into real-life contexts.

What Will I Learn?

  • Essentials of product design
  • SolidWorks fundamentals
  • Proper sketching method
  • Using features
  • Assembly techniques
  • Manufacturing designing
  • Understanding production methods
  • Basics of prototyping and 3D printing

Course Requirements 

  • Interest in product design
  • Interest in learning SolidWorks
  • Desire for success & Patience
  • SolidWorks Standard/Professional/Premium software.

For Who?

  • Anyone who have the desire to learn SolidWorks for product designing.
  • Students, who wants to learn industry-relevant skills and to get their dream career.
  • Professionals (designers, engineers, scientists, consultants etc.) requiring 3D design skills, and be more productive in SolidWorks software.
  • Freelancers, who wants enhanced relevance, by adding design skills of SolidWorks in their portfolio.
  • Anyone ready to attempt the Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) exam.