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About Us

EdVate is a cross continental endeavor aiming to bridge academic essentials through an innovative delivery approach. Our slogan is “Educate ‘n Innovate” a distinctive methodology for scholarship that offers enhanced learning opportunities for students and professionals in all diversities. We are a North American based career development organization aiming to successfully bridge the knowledge gap of advanced first world academics to help our students attain their career and life goals. Courses will be conducted online in a live virtual environment with our North American EdVate instructors and delivered professionally with the supervision and assistance by our EdVate associates in affiliated concern.



EdVate will bridge the need for first world academic learning by delivering advanced courses through a distinctive delivery methodology to help students reach their career and life goals.



Why EdVate?

Enhanced learning opportunities
Diverse course selection
Live online classes
North american standard
Professional instructors
24/7 instructor accessibility
Job placement support
Professional networking
Career counselling
Value for money