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B.S.S., M.S.S, M.A., Ph.D. About 40 years ago as I was pondering if in academic pursuit I should proceed towards pure science or if I should swerve to another field known as economics, I voted for latter. Like Einstein once said, there are deep reasons behind every natural phenomenon, I thought in the context of human behaviour such behaviour was motivated by deeper forces that may not be captured by the naked eye and that there possibly existed some common threads that could explain the pursuit of the very many things that an individual engages in, in her/his lifetime. I strongly felt that Economics for me was the single most powerful discipline that can inform me on human motivations and behaviour. Therefore with all the enthusiasm, I educated myself in the discipline for 10 years that ultimately led to the completion of a doctoral programme in public expenditure economics which I felt was just the beginning of deeper learning of the workings of economy and economic agents in different economic settings. A career of teaching at various levels started and spanned nearly 15 years coupled with socio-economic research set in research institutions and in government environment.  Public expenditure and size of government; labour market information and its impact; tax structure, elasticity and buoyancy; rural-urban migration, and behavioural economics and nudging are some of the areas of research carried out; microeconomics; macroeconomics; public finance; and econometrics are some of the courses taught over the years. -Sultan Ahmed