This course is designed to lead you through the first steps of starting your freelance business and take you to grow your freelancing career. It’s more than learning but actually doing by learning approach to help individual start and grow their freelancing career.

Course Description

Over 100 million people working as freelancers all over the world. Getting started is probably the most challenging part of freelancing. It can be frustrating as there is no fixed set of guidelines to become successful in this line of business. Yes Business! Freelancers are no employees/workers. Each freelance individual is a business unit. Like any business there are different functions and responsibilities, freelancing has all of it but in a different pattern. Therefore, while thinking of freelancing as — freedom of work, great living while traveling, working when you want and from where you want, working on projects you like, for clients you want to work with!– should also understand that it’s a lot need to be done to get you to that level.

During the course, you’ll develop a customized strategy that will power the growth of your freelance business. As you learn topics like client’s expectation, service need, job search, job application and strategic service design; you’ll apply your knowledge and power your business strategy. This course is not a “get rich quick” scheme–it is for people who perceive freelancing as a passion rather fashion, and have real ambition to make money doing what they love on their own terms.

This course will take you through all of the steps of developing and maintaining a freelancing career, from identifying and selecting your marketable skills to bidding for jobs and client relations and business growth. Everything you need to know to start freelancing right away, and begin living a life of greater freedom!– is the main objective of this course. It’s a rather individualistic approach than general knowledge about topics to help you cut through the clutter of abundant information. By the end of this course you not only understand the concepts rather working as a successful freelancer!

What Will I Learn?

  • Freelancing challenges and potentials
  • Matching skills with freelance options
  • Avoid common mistakes as a freelancer
  • How to get started with freelancing
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Winning job, getting paid, manage projects effectively
  • Develop individualist strategies and approach
  • Sustain and grow freelance career

Course Requirements 

  • Passion for freelancing/self-employment
  • Strong desire for success
  • A lot of patience
  • Want to work with freedom

For Who?

Anyone who wants to –

  • work with freedom
  • utilize one’s true potential
  • earn by doing perfect job
  • have a better life style

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