This course will cover Nutritional Theories, exercises, how to gain muscle mass, and proper training. Additionally, students will learn to conduct fitness assessments, how to create a meal plan and exercise plan based on physical attributes. This course is open to everyone who wants to enhance their lifestyle, be healthy, look and feel good.

Course Description

Want to have a happy and a healthy lifestyle? Proper nutrition and fitness are essential to have a healthy lifestyle and happiness as it influences brain development, behavior, and attention span, and it plays a major role how you feel, increases your day to day performance and decreases risk of obesity, asthma, heart disease, impotence, cancer, blindness, memory loss, and other later-in-life health problems.

Just think about! You are what you eat and do! And we eat and do things all day. So it is important to know what is going into our bodies. Proper nutrition and exercise are essential for both men and women. Research shows that predominantly the reason for obesity and diseases among large portion of society is simply lack of knowledge. Understanding just the basics of nutrition and fitness can significantly improve a person lifestyle and happiness in a very short time with minimal effort. Join this course and learn about proper nutrition and fitness and being successful change in your life today!

What Will I Learn?

  • Western trends in fitness
  • Western Lifestyle and impacts
  • Food groups
  • Classes of nutrients
  • Fundamental of sleep and water
  • Meal plan and exercise timing
  • Assessments of fitness, well-being, and lifestyle
  • Muscle group, proper exercise¬†and form
  • Diet plan creation, body type and budget
  • Healthy recipes tip to create easy and tasteful meals

Course Requirements 

  • Desire to improve lifestyle
  • Foodaholic, food junkie
  • Interest in nutrition & fitness
  • Desire to succeed

For Who?

  • Parents
  • General public
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students
  • General learners
  • Anyone


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