This course is designed for fast preparation for the IELTS exam.

Course Description

Our IELTS course is split into 4 sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. To succeed in all 4 sections, our instructors will be taking care of proper vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. These vocabulary and academic skills lessons teach you what you need to know to properly demonstrate your English language ability in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

What Will I Learn?

IELTS Listening Prep:
You’ll learn how to listen attentively and effectively. You will also learn to answer each of the different question types with step-by-step instructions and get to understand what the Listening test is all about – what sort of questions and format to expect – and you’ll get expert tips and plenty of practice tests.
More specifically, Listening lessons will include but not be limited to:
Completion questions; Sentence completion questions; Multiple choice questions; Short answer questions; How to label a diagram, plan, or map; Matching and classifying style questions etc.

IELTS Reading Prep:
You’ll learn how to understand a reading text and find information quickly and efficiently and how to answer specific question types. You’ll find out what to expect in the reading tests, how to approach the different sections, and you’ll get plenty of expert tips and practice tests to fine tune your reading skills.
Reading lessons will include but not be limited to:
Headings style questions; Short answer question; Completion and sentence completion questions; Fill in the blank questions; Matching and classifying style questions; True or false questions etc.

IELTS Writing Prep:
You’ll find out what to expect in the IELTS writing tests, what type of writing you’ll be asked to do and will get expert tips to make sure you don’t run out of time and that your answers are clear and focused.
More specifically, writing lessons will include but not be limited to:
The style of language you should use; Effective ways to come up with ideas and plan your essay; How to make sure you have properly answered the question; Practice writing letters of different type; How to structure your responses etc.

IELTS Speaking Prep:
The Speaking lessons focus on the specific parts of the IELTS Speaking test, with expert tips and practice tests which teach you how to respond. You’ll learn what questions to expect in the Speaking test, how to prepare, and what the examiner is looking for.
More specifically, speaking lessons will include but not be limited to:
Answering typical questions; Techniques and advice for preparing a full response; How to give a good answer based on topic cards; How to answer more complex questions effectively etc.

Course Requirements 

  • Basic English
  • Desire for success
  • Desire to succeed

For Who?

  • Students
  • People looking to go abroad
  • General learner

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