This is a creative Bangla language course designed primarily for children. Starting with the Bangla alphabets, numbers, days of weeks, children will learn a wide range of other traditional learning material about Bangladesh such as the National Anthem, general history, National foods & sports, etc.

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Course Description

Bangla is a beautiful and distinctive language that is deep-seated in the Bangladeshi culture and heritage. Spoken by over 200 million people, we Bangladeshi’s carry the utmost pride regarding Bangla due to the language revolution and sacrifice that was required to make Bangla a Bangladeshi state language.

Although the love of Bangla remains inherent to Bangladeshi, the strong linguistic consciousness among Bangladeshi children living in the west is on the decline. From a very young age Bengali children are attending English speaking schools, have English speaking friends and speak English in almost all of their interactions. Due to the lack of Bangla learning and practice, Bangladeshi children are also lacking the basic knowledge of the Bangladeshi culture. A recent survey result revealed that 90% of Bangladeshi children born or raised outside of Bangladesh does not know the full words to the National Bangladeshi anthem.

As language gives the learner the ability to step inside the mind and context of that culture, this course is designed to ensure that the linguistic and cultural consciousness stemming for Bangla remains intact among Bangladeshi children growing up in the west.

After successful completion of this course children will be able to read and write basic Bangla materials and have a good understanding of Bangladeshi culture and history.

Course Method

  • Live one on one teaching: one or two 30 minute class per week
  • Reading and writing exercises: Short stories and sentences
  • Oral discussions: Short Dialog
  • Memorizing practices: Words and concepts
  • Questions and assessments: Activities and Quizzes

What will the children learn?

  • Bangla Alphabets
  • Bangla numbers
  • Days of the week, months, season etc.
  • Bangla stories & history
  • Cultural information
  • National information


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